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Pro Floor Solid Wood Adhesive 6Kg

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Proflex MS Polymer wood flooring adhesive is the only glue we recommend for sticking oak floor boards to sub floors.

MS Polymer is supplied ready to use as a one component system.

It is permanently elastic and water free.

Being water and solvent free, there is a very limited risk of wood deformation when using it.

Technical Data

Working time : approx 30 minutes at 21C and 50% room humidity.

Coverage (depending on notched trowel) : 1000-1200g/sq.m.

Sub Floor : Must be clean, even, dry, smooth, sound and free from cracks. Irregularities like old adhesive, stains, etc. may negatively affect adhesion. Uneven surfaces must be smoothened with a screed. Smooth surfaces like anhydrite should be roughened and the top layer removed. Try the glue in an inconspicuous area first to check compatibility.


Acclimatise cold product to room temperature before use.

Apply the adhesive using a notched trowel and do not apply more than can be covered with flooring in 30 minutes.

Tap the flooring into place to ensure good contact and where possible, apply weights after laying.

Leave an expansion gap around the edges of the room.

Wait 24 hours before sanding.

To remove fresh adhesive, apply adhesive remover.


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